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Example Politics Dissertations

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United States Economic Interest in South Asia

Study seeks to analyze the affect of growing US interests in the South Asia region, and Sri Lankan stance being relevant to the changing US economic…

Feminist Theories on Rape

This essay will discuss the theory provided by theorists such as MacKinnon, Scales and Stanley. It will consider radical feminism and the concept of rape.

Evaluating NATO Intervention in Kosovo

Was NATO intervention in Kosovo just, and what are the future implications that this mission hold in respect to international law?

Impact of the US Media on Public Attitudes

The impact of the media on public opinion, in countries across the globe, including the United States, is the subject of a growing body of academic and…

Analysing Youth Voters in the Mauritius

The absence of youth in the Mauritian political system is quite alarming but still no statement is being made about it. The total number of electors…

US Immigration Policy and Reforms Analysis

The topic of illegal immigration has been an issue for debate with lawmakers, the President, member of congress and America as a whole for the past…

Government Expenditure and Revenue Collection

The research studies the causal relationship between government expenditure and tax revenue to see the reasons for the consistent budget deficits in…

Facilitators for Small State EU Membership

This dissertation will examine the three main reasons that small states wish to join. Chaperone looks at the economic issues and the benefits that the…